YS Wijngaard

Our Story


The unique YS vineyards are protected by high peaks and mountains at the southern edge of the Alps. The Italian vineyards lie on a unique climatic island that offers exceptional geographical conditions for winegrowing.


With over 300 days of sun on the vineyards of YS and a mild Mediterranean influence, the landscape in Alto Adige is favoured by a temperate continental climate marked with temperature raises.


The grapes of YS mature on rich mineral soil around the best sites of Lago di Caldaro which is not only the largest natural lake in Alto Adige, but also the oldest DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) zone in the region.


The YS grapes are thin-skinned, creating a light and soft wine with moderate tannins and floral tones of violet. YS is full of dominant flavours of cherry and raspberry. With a touch of bitter voluminous, the grapes are impressive for their elegance and finesse. Additionally, the thin skin of the grapes makes them perfect to chill.


The grapes of YS undergo a one-week fermentation with a controlled temperature of 24°C. Followed by malolactic fermentation and four-month aging on the fine lees in stainless steel and large casks.


FAIR’N GREEN is a certification for sustainable viticulture. It covers management, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibility. It assists caring wine growers in making continuous improvements to achieve sustainable wine goals. This enables wine lovers to not only enjoy but to do so in an environmental way.