Food Pairing

The right food pairing can enhance the tasting experience of a wine through creating a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of the wine.
As a rule of thumb salty dishes decrease the perception of bitterness, acidity and tannins in the wine while increasing its body. Ideally, salty dishes should be paired with a fruity, acidic wine that is slightly sweet.
Sweet food increases the perception of bitterness and acidity of a wine and decreases its sweetness. It is best to pair sweet food with wines that have the same or an even higher level of sweetness in order to keep the balance.
Acidic food enhances the body of the wine as well as its sweetness while decreasing the perception of its acidity. Very acidic wines can taste more balanced and sweeter when paired with acidic food. Therefore, it is important to serve high acidic wines with acidic food in order not to lose the wine’s flavour.
Food that is considered bitter in taste increases the bitterness in the wine. Bitter food should therefore be paired with wines that are low in bitterness and tannins.
The last flavour to pair wines with is called umami which can be described as a savoury – earthy taste and includes foods such as mushrooms, seaweed or oysters. Dishes that fall into that flavour category should be paired with wines that are very fruity and low tannic because umami makes the wine taste more acidic and reduces some of its fruitiness.
YS Wine Food Pairing Tip
While YS is a wonderful wine to enjoy as an aperitivo, it can also serve as a great food pairing.
As a light and fruity red wine that is best served chilled (8 – 12 °C) YS is the ideal pairing for Italian food like pasta and pizza.
Unlike full bodied red wines, YS chilled red wine can even be paired with sea food due to its low tannins and freshness.
Another wonderful pairing is with Asian food because the wine reduces the spiciness of the food due to its high acidity while its freshness and low tannins balance out the palate.

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